Bridge redesign update for Indianapolis North Split project

Rendering that demonstrates lighting under + around the bridges | Photo via Superior Construction

We’re finally getting an updated look at the North Split project — which has been closed for construction since May.

With more than 40 bridges demolished + reconstructed, part of the $350 million project includes redesigning the streets under those bridges to make them more accessible to pedestrians and more visually appealing

The new designs will include pedestrian walkways and bike paths. | Photo via Superior Construction/INDOT

The new design enhancements for the underpasses include: 

  • Wider sidewalks with mixed materials + accent colors to differentiate them from the roadway
  • Lighting under the bridges + on the bridge columns and bar-style uplighting to illuminate monuments and public art 
  • Greenery to create an “urban forest” feel with grasses, wildflowers, and canopy trees that are native to the Midwest + require minimal maintenance
  • Two walls to block neighboring homes from highway noise will be constructed along the north side of I-70 

The North Split is projected to reopen to traffic by Thanksgiving 2022, with crews continuing work on the aesthetics into 2023

INDOT + Superior Construction are collecting public feedback about these plans through Dec. 10. Comments can be sent via email to [email protected].