Plus, how to remove your personal info from the web and protect yourself from fraud.
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How to stop spam texts + protect yourself from fraud
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Getting spam texts? Data brokers may have access to your personal info. | Photo provided by Incogni
Gotten any spam texts this week? What about today alone?

This past February, spammers sent out over 19.2 billion texts. That’s every person in the US receiving ~19 spam texts in just one month. Ever wonder where they get your info to begin with?

Data brokers. They can sell your address, phone number, Social Security number, family contacts — you name it — to anyone willing to pay. And yes, it’s all legal as long they give you a way to opt out. The problem? They make the opt-out process as difficult as possible.

Here’s another sobering stat: In 2023, 2.6 million people were victims of fraud, and ~1 million were targets of identity theft. The target victim? Just about anyone.

In the wild world of fraud, everyone with a bank account, credit card, or, heck, even a mailbox is a potential victim. It’s not just older folks, either — a recent FTC report showed those in the Gen Z and millennial brackets are 34% more likely to report losing money than those over 60.

You may be wondering, “Is there any way to protect myself?” Enter: Incogni. Remove your data from over 180 data brokers’ and people-search sites automatically, and say goodbye to spam calls, unwanted emails, and that nasty feeling of being tracked.

Pro tip: Sign up now while you’re thinking about it and get 50% off.
How concerned are you about the security and privacy of your personal information online?

A) Extremely concerned — I actively seek ways to protect my data.
B) Quite concerned — I’m aware of the risks but haven’t acted much.
C) Somewhat concerned — I rely on default privacy settings.
D) Not concerned — I don’t think it affects me much.
Incogni c/o Ad Astra
Incogni c/o Ad Astra
Incogni c/o Ad Astra

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