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New Indiana laws to know about in 2023

The 2023 legislative session is over, which means it’s the governor’s turn to sign bills into law. See which bills he’s approving and what happens if he doesn’t give a bill his signature.

Exterior of the Statehouse

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These pieces of legislation will no longer be able to say, “I’m just a bill.”

Governor Holcomb has signed more than 160 bills into law so far this year + we’re breaking down five soon-to-be laws that could apply to you when they go into effect on Saturday, July 1.

For drivers

House Bill 1015 will establish an automated ticketing pilot program for those speeding through certain construction zones with active workers. That means you won’t necessarily get pulled over the next time you’re ticketed for speeding over 11 mph over the speed limit.

For professionals

Hoosier professionals can expect less of a wait time to receive their licenses soon, due to Senate Bill 350, which will require licensing boards to send notifications if there are incomplete items in an application, among other things.

For students

Kids graduating in 2028 will be required to successfully pass a financial literacy course, thanks to Senate Bill 35.

Senate Bill 167 will require students to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, though it will not be a necessity to graduate. The form allows students to be considered for federal grants, loans, and scholarships.

For utility payers

House Bill 1007 created an energy plan for Indiana that will prioritize reliability, affordability, resiliency, stability, and environmental sustainability for utilities moving forward. It will also reduce the amount of power from the grid utilities can buy by half when in high demand.

See the full list of bills the governor has signed.

But wait — what’s happening with the other bills passed this session? Well, the governor has a choice: he has seven days to sign them, veto them, or let them pass without a signature. If he decides to veto a bill, the General Assembly must either attempt to override the veto by voting or allow the bill to die. Get a detailed explanation of the legislative process.

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