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Today, Sept. 27 is INDYtoday’s second birthday — so we’re taking a moment to introduce (or re-introduce) ourselves.
Voting line_League of Women Voters SC_MULTI
How to vote in upcoming elections in Indianapolis, IN
Are you registered to vote? We’re sharing everything you need to know to perform your civic duty.
From cultural exhibits to fiestas with live music, food, and dance — here are some events highlighting Hispanic heritage in Indy.
There’s nothing like a cool autumn day picking produce + hitting the hay (literally).
We’ve made a concerted effort to orchestrate this list, so you can focus on finding the artists you adore.
Eat and Drink
Fall time is here + so is the need for all things fall flavored. We’re sharing where to get your fall drink fix, whether it’s caffeinated or boozy.
Learn what it means to be sober curious, the current popularity of non-alcoholic beverages, and where you can enjoy a mocktail in Indianapolis.
Looking for a night out on the town or a place to lounge with a good drink in hand? There are several spots that are newer to the nightlife scene in Indianapolis.
Like the simplicity of a small plate of chicken nuggets, or just random veggies and cheeses you found lurking in the back of your fridge? Then girl dinner is for you.
Travel and Outdoors
The expansion of a 16-court complex creates a total of 23 pickleball courts throughout the city.
Help keep Indy’s landscapes and wildlife healthy and beautiful with these pro tips.
Saturday, Sept. 23 marks the first official day of fall — but when will it actually start to look like fall? Here’s when you can expect to start seeing some fall foliage around central Indiana.
Ditch the car and take part in Car Free Day to help make Indy a more environmentally friendly place to live, work, and play.
Real Estate
Talks about converting part of the City-County Building into apartments or other uses have been halted — for now.
The Old City Hall will be home to 21c Museum Hotel public art gallery + the new 32-story tower will be built as an extension of the hotel, plus additional house and mixed-use space.
The new plaza + gathering space adjacent to Gainbridge Fieldhouse is getting ready to cut the ribbon and officially open to the public with several events to celebrate.
The 143,500-sqft center expansion + construction of a new 800-room hotel, as part of a strategic plan for downtown growth, is officially underway.
Let’s tell INDOT how we think the transit options in Indy can get even better.
The new golf center will include an Indiana Golf Hall of Fame, a new indoor golf academy, and a short game practice facility.
Bird migration is in full swing this fall. Here’s how you can help our little feathered friends fly safely over Indy.
Downtown Indianapolis has artifacts from the 9/11 attacks to honor those whose lives were lost.

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