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15 murals around Indianapolis, IN

Check out our guide to the many meaningful murals you can find around our city.

Mural of man putting up wallpaper downtown

City Editor Anna here — this is probably one of my favorite murals around the city.

Photo by INDYtoday team

We all know that the Circle City has a vibrant art scene — and we’re not just talking about Newfields or The Circle City Industrial Complex. One of our all-time favorite galleries? Indy itself.

Naptown is home to a number of meaningful murals and street art pieces. Today, we’re sharing where to find pieces that really paint a picture of our city.

Indy’s Always on a Roll, 44 Virginia Ave. | By Michael Cooper

The three-dimensional illusion pictured above pays homage to the architectural heritage of the Circle City and is an reference to the urban updates that have been controversial in city planning circles.

Mural of aquatic woman

Who hasn’t stopped and stared at this mural on Mass Ave.?

Photo by INDYtoday team

Dimensional Shadows, 609 Mass Ave. | By Eduardo Mendieta

The woman emerging from water in this mural represents breaking planes and self-empowerment. The piece is part of the “46 for XLVI” art initiative, which commissioned 46 murals for Indy’s turn hosting the Super Bowl in 2012.

Mural of small and large butterfly wings

Who are you posing with the next time you’re in the CityWay area?

Photo by INDYtoday team

Indy Butterflies, 338 S. Delaware St. | By Kelsey Montague

Snap a selfie with this art at the CityWay development downtown and the art can interact with you if you download Kelsey’s app, “WhatLiftsYou.”

Mural of jazz musicians

Can you identify the major players in this mural?

Indiana Avenue Jazz Masters, 322 N. Capitol Ave. | By Pamela Bliss

The mural depicts iconic musicians from the 1950s-60s, including David Young, Jimmy Coe, David Baker, JJ Johnson, Slide Hampton, Freddie Hubbard, Larry Ridley, and Wes Montgomery.

Mural of Mari Evans

Mari Evans was a major figure in the Black Arts Movement.

Photo via @venkycr

Mari Evans, 448 Mass Ave. | By Michael Jordan, aka ALKEMI

Big Car Collaborative chief curator Shaunta Marsh met with the Indy-based poet and artist Mari Evans during the process of the mural’s creation. Learn more about Mari and her fellow mural mates.

Mural of Reggie Miller

We miss seeing this Pacers GOAT on the court.

Photo via @drphil_uddpt

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie! Boom, Baby!, 127 E. Michigan St. | By Pamela Bliss

Standing at 60 ft tall, this is the tallest of the Hoosier icon murals downtown and depicts Reggie Miller, one of the Pacers’ most renowned players.

Mural of Kurt Vonnegut

An iconic mural of an iconic Hoosier.

Photo by INDYtoday team

My Affair with Kurt Vonnegut, 345 Mass Ave. | By Pamela Bliss

The internationally-known writer famous for his novel, “Slaughterhouse Five” was born in the Circle City and has a whole museum dedicated to his work.

Mural of Larry Mires on a brick building

The iconic “Fountain Square Larry” passed away on August 29, 2019.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Fountain Square Larry, 1043 Virginia Ave. | By Brian Presnell, BRIDGE Collective, Dan Cents

The larger-than-life portrait depicts neighborhood legend Larry Mires, who owned a record store in Fountain Square even though he was hard of hearing.

Mural of Eva Kor on brick building

Have you checked out the “Eva Kor from Auschwitz to Indiana” exhibit at the Indiana History Center yet?

Photo by INDYtoday team

Eva Kor, 21 Virginia Ave. | By Pamela Bliss

Eva’s son painted the first stroke of this mural, which honors the legacy of the international figure who moved to Terre Haute after surviving the Holocaust and Dr. Josef Mengele.

Mural of Major Taylor

This mural is one of the more recent additions to the downtown area.

Photo by INDYtoday team

World’s Fastest (Major Taylor), 11 S. Meridian St. | By Shawn Michael Warren

The bicyclist with a reputation as the world’s first Black sports superstar won a number of international records and titles.

mural of a cactus on a garage door

This is just one of the many flower murals in Flower Alley.

Photo via @ripplebnb

Broad Ripple Flower Alley, 6109 Carrollton Ave. | By Jules Muck, Abigail Staffelbach, Megan Jefferson, among other artists

These murals are growing like weeds in an alley on the north side of Indy and started in the summer of 2019 between a couple of neighbors looking to spread a little joy.

Mural of robot and human hands meeting

You can find this mural behind the fountain in Fountain Square.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Creation of Adam, across the street from 1063 Virginia Ave. | By Dan Handskillz

Believe it or not, this mural was recently restored after being vandalized with paint and is a modern interpretation of the work by Michelangelo.

Love painted on an outdoor wall

This mural is the perfect backdrop for that latte art pic.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Love, 236 E. 16th St. | By Alicia Zanoni

You can visit this mural anytime you’re jonesing for a cup of coffee — it’s located in the courtyard of Foundry Provisions.

Photo of man and woman on side of building

You can find this mural on the side of Cleo’s Bodega & Cafe.

Photo via Rokh Co.

Gatekeepers, 2432 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. | By Tasha Beckwith

The art is an Afrofuturistic statement focused on a Black queen and mother spirit guarding the Flanner House neighborhood, with male figures providing security.

A mural of a bulldog with a chain around his neck

We’ve always wondered about this mural.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Frenchie, 1126 Prospect St. | By Speedbeard

This is the Cincinnati-based street artist’s own dog, who inspired many of his nationally-known characters.

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