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If somebody was pretending to be from Indy, what one thing would give them away?

Here’s how to spot which homies are actually phonies.

dog poses with Visit Indy sign on Mass Ave. in downtown Indy

Even the city’s dogs know that when you’ve lived here for more than a few weeks, it’s Indy — not Indianapolis.

Photo by @anh_dogs

Yes, your city editors fall down the Reddit rabbit hole sometimes too — and this week we stumbled across the amazing question, “If somebody was pretending to be from Indy, what is the one thing they would do that would give them away?”

Here are a few of our favorite answers:

“When they consistently refer to the city as Indianapolis rather than just Indy.”

“If they say ‘the 465' instead of just ‘465.’”

“If they don’t know the name of the previous football stadium. If they don’t know about Long’s Donuts. If you say tenderloin and they think of anything other than a deep fried pork sandwich!”

“Referring to cornhole as literally anything else — bag toss, bean bag toss, etc.”

“Putting the accent on the second word in Broad Ripple.”

“They don’t eat their breadsticks with cheese.”

What other faux pas would you let you know you’re dealing with an Indy imposter? We wanna hear them.

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