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Why you should vote in the 2023 Indianapolis Municipal Election

These candidates, if elected, will help shape the City of Indianapolis’ future over their four-year term.

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Benjamin Harrison gave over 80 speeches to more than 80,000 people from his front porch during his 1888 campaign.

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Democratic Mayor Joe Hogsett — who was elected mayor of Indianapolis in 2015 and reelected for a second term in 2019 — is facing Republican challenger, businessman Jefferson Shreve, in the 2023 mayoral election.

Tuesday, Nov. 7, your vote will decide which candidate becomes Indianapolis’ mayor for the next four years, along with several seats on City-County Council.

This mayoral race has also shaped up to be one of the most expensive races in the city’s history. Shreve was reportedly his own biggest donor with a $14.5 million campaign, while Hogsett reported record-breaking funds for his $6.1 million reelection campaign.

Exterior of the City-County building downtown.

We’re sharing what you need to know about this year’s election.

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How many people actually vote?

According to, during the 2020 general election there were 670,086 registered voters and 394,554 total voters in Marion County — a turnout of 58.88%.

Our goal at INDYtoday is to arm you with the tools and the knowledge to increase that number so more Hoosiers have their voice heard.

Why does it matter?

Your vote for Mayor and City-County Council members will determine who shapes Indianapolis’ future in these areas:

  • Budget
  • Infrastructure
  • Public safety
  • Economic development
  • Housing

What do I need to know?

First, bookmark our election guide. Here, you’ll find who’s on the ballot, how to figure out what district you live in, and where your polling place is located.

Next, research your candidates. Most of Indy’s local media sources have profiled the people running, hosted debates, and covered campaign events. We recommend reading multiple sources to learn about all of the candidates from different points of view.

At INDYtoday, we aim to cover local elections in a way that educates and activates our community with unbiased information to encourage individual voter participation (i.e. vote for whoever + whatever you want to, just make sure to vote). To learn more, check out our Editorial Ethics Policy.

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