Celebrating Presidents Day with Indianapolis history

Learn more about former US President Benjamin Harrison’s ties to Indianapolis and how to celebrate Presidents Day at his old home.

Inside President Benjamin Harrison's house

How cool is this — you can walk through the home of a former US president right here in downtown Indianapolis.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Did you know that only one US President has been elected from Indiana? (Though technically, that man’s grandfather — another former US president — had ties to the Indiana Territory in the early 1800s.)

In case you haven’t guessed it, we’re talking about Benjamin Harrison: former Indianapolis resident and the 23rd president of the United States.

Oh, and his grandfather? William Henry Harrison.

Though Harrison was born in Ohio, in 1854 he and his wife Caroline Scott made the move to Indianapolis, where he served as City Attorney and Supreme Court Reporter before eventually being elected president.

Now, Hoosiers can visit the president’s former home on North Delaware Street. On Presidents Day, the home becomes a scene from 1891, with live actors and tours of the house in an interactive experience.

Bonus: Looking for another way to celebrate? Usually closed on Mondays, the Indiana State Museum will open to visitors for free on Presidents Day.