First food truck park concept coming to Indianapolis, IN

nathalia-segato-as26awWvRvM-unsplash copy

A food truck park in Montreal, Canada. | Photo by Nathalia Segato on Unsplash

Imagine finding all of your favorite local food trucks in one stop. That’s exactly the idea behind The Truckstop Food Truck Park.

Bo Turner — Indiana State University graduate + lover of food and travel — discovered the idea of food truck parks in places like Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas (hey, PDXtoday + ATXtoday 👋).

“We saw these food truck parks in Portland, in particular, they’re just everywhere. It’s very much a community. There’s a food truck park in each neighborhood...” Bo said.

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Food truck tacos served on a steel tray. | Photo by Hana Brannigan via Pexels

Food trucks exist in Indy, so why isn’t there anything like this here?

The goal of The Truckstop is to:

  • Be a home for food trucks
  • Provide the space and water + electric hookups for the food truck owners
  • Be a community space for people to gather + hold events
  • Give back by being a place for new chefs to test out their ideas, like a community kitchen or accelerator program
  • Have a sustainability component — by encouraging people to bring their own utensils + using biodegradable packaging

The Truckstop is rolling out in Terre Haute — where Bo grew up — next month, with plans to move the concept to Indianapolis in the fall or next spring.

Want to see this idea come to life in Indy? Bo is looking for help to brainstorm + get an idea of what you, the community, want to see. From locations to food truck vendors, you can become a part of this project by sharing your ideas and feedback with Bo here.

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