Hoosier meet-cutes in the Circle City

Warning: these stories have 10/10 likelihood of making you say, “Aw.”

A couple posing inside Tin Roof bar

Kaitlyn C. met her now-hubby at Tin Roof, where they also had their engagement photos taken.

Photo via Kaitlyn C.

A few weeks ago, we asked our readers to spill how they met their S.O., and they didn’t hesitate to spread the love. These are just a few of the meet-cutes you lovebirds had to share:

  • Kaitlyn C. — “My husband and I met at Tin Roof, right after they opened in 2012. We even had some engagement pictures taken there! [...] We went on our second date at The Pub!”
  • Maria F. — “I met my fiancé at Parlor Public House for our first date. Coffee did turn into cocktails over our 4-hour long date. Such a perfect spot!”
  • Jim B. — “In 1987, the original Crackers Comedy Club at Keystone at the Crossing was one of the country’s top comedy venues. [...] They had a waitstaff and a hostess at the main entrance for the show. I was a young, budding standup at the time who just started touring and this show was a great opportunity to work on material. I remember meeting the hostess. She was insanely beautiful. I was awestruck. We eventually dated and then life intervened but we got back together 4 years later. Almost 32 years later and with four amazing kids and we are still married. Blessed and grateful for every day together.”
  • Teresa H. — “I met my boyfriend at November Project. It’s a free fitness group, we work out twice a week outdoors, mostly downtown in parks, at monuments, and other free spaces. [...] In the summer of 2018 I noticed my now-boyfriend at a workout, and over the next few months we gradually got to know each other and eventually went on our first date in October 2018 to a Colts game. We bought a house together in January 2021, and this year we’re getting season Colts tickets!”
  • Kyle M. — “My wife and I met on OKCupid, had our first date at Barbecue and Bourbon, where I also ended up proposing two years later — although not in the restaurant but on the bench outside where I first saw her sitting. Just got married in October. Sometimes the dating sites actually do work out.”
  • Mallory G. — “Met at the Indy Symphony Gala at the Roof Ballroom!”
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