Indianapolis fitness facility thinks outside the box with alternative to traditional gym

Glutes 317 building signage-INDYtoday team

You can find Glutes 317 hidden in a back alley on the near east side. Just look for the giant peaches. | Photo via INDYtoday team.

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You’ve probably worked out in a gym or at home — but have you ever thought about doing it in a box?

That’s the idea behind Glutes 317 — a hidden fitness gem on the city’s near east side (218 S. State Ave.) — which opened back in July.

Made out of shipping containers, the idea was born out of adversity at the height of the pandemic. Owner Marla Rubalcava was forced to think outside the box when gyms were shutting down due to COVID — so an open-air facility just made sense.

Glutes 317 workout pods-INDYtoday team

Work out in your own personal pod at Glutes 317. | Photo via INDYtoday team.

🍑 Experience

You can probably guess what kind of workout you’ll be hitting at Glutes 317. Though you may come focused on booty gains, you’ll be attacking a full body workout in a small group with guidance from certified personal trainers.

Pro tip: Working out is even better with buddy. You can both try it out for free the first time when you schedule your class online.

During the workout, you’ll get your own personal box to work out in — so no more sharing equipment or waiting for equipment to be available.

🍑 Bonus

After the workout, you + your buddy can hang out in the common area or balcony. The facility also has a complete bathroom with 2 showers — what more could you ask for? Well, an Airbnb + sauna is in the works and is expected to be complete by Thanksgiving.

🍑 More than a place to workout

For Marla, weightlifting not only brought physical strength — but mental strength as well. Weightlifting helped her gain confidence + a passion for helping others.

She hopes to soon partner with Domestic Violence Network + push for her gym to become a community.


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