If Indy had an official aroma

New Mexico is trying to become the first state with an official aroma, so it got us wondering what Indiana’s state smell would be.

Popcorn being poured in a park in front of the Indy skyline

We like our state snack with a side of Indy skyline. | Photo via INDYtoday team

A bill moving through the New Mexico legislature would make it the first state in the country to have its own official aroma. The bill to proudly recognize roasted chile as the official aroma of the state passed its first committee meeting. Fun fact: New Mexico produced more than 60% of the US chile pepper crop in 2021.

This news got us thinking: what would Indy’s official aroma be?

We asked you to give us your two scents and here’s what some of you said:

“The official aroma of Indiana should be popcorn! We lead the country in popcorn production, and who doesn’t love popcorn?” — Teresa H.

“I think the aroma of Indiana should be popcorn since Orville Redenbacher Popcorn comes from southern Indiana and started in Brazil, Indiana where [he] was born and raised.” — Randy S.

Reader Lee S. also suggested motor oil as the state aroma — a nod to the Indy 500, we assume.

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