Proposed redistricting maps for Indianapolis, IN

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The sun is setting on the old district maps. | @aaron.creates

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The City-County Council unveiled proposed redistricting maps + its president, Vop Osili, called the process the most inclusive in city history. Here’s what you need to know.

The process

The city is currently divided into 25 districts + each one is represented by someone on the City-County Council. These Hoosiers are in charge of making decisions on the city’s budget and recognizing individuals + groups for their community contributions.

Every 10 years, Indianapolis undergoes redistricting, during which a new map is drawn based on demographic shifts that are noted after the Census is complete. Marion County’s population grew 8.2% between censuses, now coming in at a grand total of 977,203. This means you might be represented by a different council member + if you don’t know who that is currently, you can check on the city’s website.

These maps will be used in November 2023 for legislators who begin their terms in 2024.

The proposed redistricting map for 2024

Proposed 2024 district map | Map via Indianapolis-Marion county City-County Council

The changes

  • A single council seat is set aside for Irvington, as well as Fountain Square, which were previously divided among several districts.
  • One seat was shifted farther south, which could be a Republican gain.
  • A fourth majority-Black district was added.
  • Four Democratic councilors were drawn togetherMonroe Gray + Keith Potts will be in the same district, as well as David Ray and Jason Larrisson.

The public

Here’s where you come in. Though maps have already been drafted, there’s still time for you to make an impact. At 5:30 p.m. on Tues., April 12, a public hearing will be held at the Rules and Public Policy Committee meeting. During that time, you’ll be able to voice your opinions on the map + its impact on your community. You can show up in person or watch virtually.

The full council is expected to hold an official vote on the map in May.

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