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New redevelopment opportunities for downtown Indianapolis

A map highlighting the location of City Market downtown

We can’t wait to see what developers have in store for these prime locations. | Photo via Indy DMD

What do you get when you combine vacant buildings + requests for proposals? Endless possibilities.

Three downtown locations with easy access to the new Blue Line will soon be transformed into new places to explore + housing opportunities for all Hoosiers to enjoy.

The Department of Metropolitan Development announced major downtown redevelopment opportunities + it’s on the hunt for ideas. Requests like these aren’t common, so it’s kind of a big deal.

Developers have been invited to submit proposals for the following structures:

📍 City Market brick wings, 222 E. Market St.

📍 Marion County Jail II, 730 E. Washington St.

📍 Arrestee Processing Center, 752 E. Market St.

A map of the City Market's East District

Living this close to the Transit Center + Monument Circle would be a dream. | Photo via Indy DMD

Though City Market’s core structure has been around since 1886, its brick wings on either side were added just 45 years ago. That means they qualify for demolition, if the new plans call for it. Because more places to live are needed downtown, the proposals for this site will be narrowed to housing with flexibility for the first floor.

There are a couple of caveats — proposals must include a loading bay + storage for market vendors and reserve a spot for Bicycle Garage Indy. They should also maintain the public spaces of the east plaza + north alley.

The city’s new Community Justice Campus has left the Marion County Jail II + the Arrestee Processing Center vacant prime spots for mixed-use development, perhaps?

The buildings were constructed in the early 1900’s, they should ideally be restored to their original aesthetic. We’d love to see some more art deco downtown. They also shouldn’t be passive, meaning they should maximize activity. So no self-storage.

The developers’ proposals are due in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

Do you have a brilliant idea for these spaces you’re just dying to talk about? Let us know.

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