Riverside Promenade development in Indianapolis, IN

A colorful pattern painted a rendering of the trail

The trail is expected to be complete by early next year. | Rendering via Browning Day

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Since 2017, the near west side’s Riverside Park has been on track to become one of the most transformative initiatives in the city. Last year, its major project was the Taggart Amphitheatre. This year, a new path is afoot and we’re giving you all the de-trails.

The trail

Between 38th St. + 18th St. parallel to the White River, the Riverside Promenade sets out to be a unique pedestrian corridor that links to other popular pathways, including the White River Trail and Central Canal Trail. It will be 15-ft wide and incorporate mini-plazas throughout.

These nodes along the trail will have different themes. One will be dedicated to community sports and trailblazing athletes, while another will incorporate faith, mindfulness and educators who have made a positive impact on the community. If you ask us, we can’t wait to see what the art-themed plaza will look like, considering the vast array of talent in our city.

One of the major goals of the promenade is to pay homage to the history, culture + traditions of its surroundings. That is planned to be accomplished through artistic signs that incorporate the communities that have had a stake in the park, such as Native peoples, German, Irish, and Slovenian communities, and today’s population of Black and Hispanic residents.

The signage will also feature directions to the park’s various amenities. In the rendering below, you can see the gaps between panels, which will allow people to see the natural surroundings through them.

A wooden sign amid spring flowers in the park

We love the combination of design + function on these signs. | Rendering via Browning Day

The park

Riverside Park was established in 1903 and is the second-largest park in the city with 862 acres. In 2017, a 20-year master plan was introduced, which is projected to cost $120 million in total. It will include a promenade, adventure park, amphitheater, family center, outdoor pool, picnic shelters, and playgrounds.

Many traditions were built in this park, including an annual parade and many family reunions. At one point, it was home to two brown bears, but that’s a story for another time.

If you’d like to participate in the park’s next project, there will be an open house regarding its Adventure Park for the public to offer their opinions on Thurs., March 3 at 12:30 p.m. in the clubhouse at 3502 N. White River Parkway Dr.

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