3D-printed homes could be coming to Martindale-Brightwood

Up to 2,000 homes could be built in just two years with this process.

A screenshot of a video with 3D-printing process

You can watch the 3D printer homebuilding process on YouTube.

Screenshot via Apis Cor

3D-printed homes could be on their way to the Martindale-Brightwood community, thanks to local community organization Circle Up Indy’s Rising Evolution initiative to increase affordable housing in the city.

In order to obtain two 3D printers, the training + maintenance required, land purchases, and other related expenses, the organization is working to raise $2,600,000.

If Circle Up Indy reaches its fundraising goal, it could build 2,000 homes in Indy in just two years, and 5,000 in the state in one year with Apis Cor machinery.

What to know about the 3D printed homes:

  • They can be built within 24 hours.
  • Options for two- to six-bedroom homes would be offered.
  • The machines would cut down labor costs by 70%.
  • They’re no different than man-made concrete houses, according to developers.
  • The foundation, roof, floors, and plumbing would be included in the process.
  • Homes would be open to those with criminal history, low income, and poor credit, with rent averaging at around $800.

Take a look at how the 3D printer homebuilding process works.