The best trick-or-treating neighborhoods in Indianapolis

It’s the sweetest night of the year — make sure it doesn’t turn sour by visiting these neighborhoods known for great candy and friendly streets.

INDY_Irvington Halloween decorations_SEPT2022

Here’s hoping this monster house in Irvington gives out some monster handfuls of treats.

Photo by @findalottolove

In just a few weeks, families will hit Indy’s streets dressed as superheroes, monsters, princesses, and millions of ghost dogs in search of full-sized candy bars and what is apparently Indiana’s favorite Halloween candy, Starbursts.

But which neighborhoods will keep your night the sweetest? We’ve rounded up a few of the most popular areas in Indy for trick-or-treaters.

The delightfully decorated yards and porches of Irvington make it easy to tell that residents are friendly towards trick-or-treaters, not frightening. If you’re more of a daytime creature, get your sweet fix during the Street Fair on Saturday, Oct. 28 instead.

Woodruff Place
A close stand-in for a movie Halloween town, the tall trees and Victorian homes lining these streets set a spooky scene for a sugary haul.

Known as one of Indy’s safest neighborhoods, the huge houses and family-friendly streets hold major promise for those on a full-sized mission.

What are your favorite neighborhoods for scoring Halloween candy? Give us some sugar.