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Local is the label

Learn more about the Indiana Grown initiative.

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Indiana Grown’s 2,000+ members encompass the supply chain across farms, small businesses, and more.

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Did you know? Indiana farmers cultivated nearly 14.6 million acres of farmland in 2022. With 53,000+ farming operations, Indiana ranks as the ninth-largest farming state in the nation.

What’s Indiana Grown?

An Indiana State Department of Agriculture initiative that designates products from Indiana. This initiative extends beyond just produce and livestock — Hoosiers can find the label on anything grown, raised, processed, and packaged within the state.

How can Hoosiers support the initiative?

From coffee and hot sauce to soap and candles, Indiana Grown membership encompasses the supply chain across farms, small businesses, markets, and restaurants.

So, how do you know you’re buying local products? Simply look for the Indiana Grown label the next time you’re at a local farmers market, neighborhood market, or grocery store.

Pro tip: Browse the 2,000+ members to find and support Indiana Grown in your neighborhood and keep an eye out for the Indiana Grown label next time you’re shopping. Keep it local.

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