Name this Indy neighborhood

We’ve removed the landmarks from this Circle City neighborhood so you can put your Hoosier knowledge to the test.

A map screenshot with the landmark names whited out

Don’t get too comfortable, we’re starting off easy with this neighborhood.

Screenshot via Google Maps

Do you know your Circle City neighborhoods, Hoosiers? Prove it.

We’ve got a new game ready for you and it’s called “Name this Neighborhood.” The instructions are simple: based on the limited information in the above map, tell us which Indianapolis neighborhood is pictured.

We know our readers are pretty map-savvy, so we made it a bit more challenging by whiting out the names of the area’s landmarks. If you’re feeling extra brainy this morning, get those brownie points by naming as many landmarks as you can.

If you’ve figured it out, let us know and make sure to give us feedback on the difficulty level.

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