Where to learn martial arts in Indianapolis

Whether you’re interested in kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, karate, taekwondo, or capoeira, there’s a gym (or several) in the Circle City for you.

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In 2023, 6.6 million Americans participated in martial arts.

Whether you’re wanting to learn self-defense, improve your physical fitness, or become part of a supportive + inclusive community, there are dozens of gyms in Indy that teach a variety of martial arts disciplines.

Naptown Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing | 500 N. Meridian Ste. 10B
The only nap you’ll be taking here is an accidental one if you refuse to tap. This gym right in the center of downtown offers classes all day for both kids and adults. If you’re north of the city, there’s also an affiliate gym in Fishers — City Editor Shea is a member here, so say hi if you see her.

Choi Martial Arts Academy | 6957 E. Madison Ave.
This south side gym is is Indiana’s oldest taekwondo school. Grandmaster Min H. Choi is a ninth degree black belt and has been teaching for more than 40 years, meaning the training you’ll receive here is the best of the best.

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Capoeira is unique for its dance-like style, once described by Bob’s Burgers as “sexy dance fighting.”

United Kempo Karate Schools | 5450 E. 21st St.
At this school, you’ll find a unique combination of Chinese Kempo martial arts, combat fighting style tactics, and an Okinawan influence of weaponry. It also offers special programs such as reiki sessions and anti-bullying training.

North Mass Boulder | 1411 Roosevelt Ave.
Most devotees of this gym go for bouldering or yoga — but did you know it also has capoeira classes? Instructor Ethan teaches this Afro-Brazilian cultural practice that is a mix of expressive movement and martial elements. Practitioners learn to use kinesthetic awareness, strength, balance, and dexterity within the context of a playful, game-like setting.

Indianapolis Martial Arts Club | 8647 W. Washington St.
Not sure exactly what type of martial art you’re interested in learning? This bright, airy gym is a great place to start. It offers beginner muy thai and kickboxing classes, as well as a proprietary blend of mixed martial arts for kids and for advanced adult students.

We know there are dozens of other martial art schools in our area — tell us why you love yours.

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