Full steam ahead 🚂

These renderings made for a college thesis are giving us major ideas.

A drawing with people walking and signs directing them to Columbus, Chicago, and Pittsburgh

Are nonstop train rides to Columbus, Chicago + Pittsburgh in Indy’s future?

Photo via @design_insomniac_

We just told you about the past + present states of Union Station, but what about its future?

When we were researching the historic hub, we stumbled upon these renderings of what it could be — and we might be drooling a little.

Ball State alumnus + architectural designer Adrian N. Lopez shared potential renderings they designed for their thesis project in college, which include a “hyperloop portal” — a 700-mph, currently theoretical tunnel that Elon Musk could attempt in the future.

The adaptive reuse of this structure would be a blend of old + new to transform this piece of Indy history at risk of being forgotten. Let’s just say we’re here for it.