We compare our previous Municipal Equality Index scores from the Human Rights Campaign... plus, how that score might change.
Protect the night by taking some simple actions Saturday, April 15-Saturday, April 22
Gainbridge Fieldhouse is getting a new neighbor, and you’re probably already familiar with them.
What’s all that construction in the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood?
The city is investing in sidewalks, trails, and stormwater infrastructure over the next five years.
Indianapolis, IN has 200+ years of history. In this guide, we’re diving into the city’s oldest streets and how they got their names.
We take a look at our bicycling infrastructure and how we can make the area more bikeable.
The future of this historic bridge lies at the outdoor history museum.
If you had the power to instantly complete a local development project, these are the ones you’d finish in the blink of an eye.
The organization got its start in 1898.
Yes, we’re getting a new stadium downtown, but what else is in store for the project?
We’re getting a better look at the major development to take place in the heart of downtown.
It’s your move to make Indy’s parks system even better.
Who remembers renting videos and eating fresh bread from the Marsh bakery?
The announcement was made on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Dig a little deeper into some of the projects that will take shape through 2025.
Keep up with Indy’s ever-changing landscape.
Visit Indiana is looking for applicants to help create public artwork and signage throughout the state.
The zoo will look pretty different over the next few years.
Window to the World is expected to transform one of the city’s oldest malls, but when?
We’re giving you everything you need to know about voting in the Circle City.
The city’s near east side is expected to look very different within the next 10 years.
More than $155 million is attached to these pending proposals.
Here are the details on how your tax dollars will be spent in the coming year.
There are lots of businesses opening and closing around Indy and we’re here to help you keep up.
Lorenda Carr is the co-owner of Dance Innovations and is showing the downtown Westfield building’s history before it has to be moved for road construction.
Circle City Village is a community offering housing to those experiencing homelessness.
The Twin Aire Shopping Center + Drive-In Site are in need of a makeover.
Good news for Indianapolis.
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