Bills that survived the 2024 legislative session

Here are some of the major bills from the 2024 session that are moving forward.

View of the Indiana Statehouse from Monument Circle with a colorful sky.

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Indiana lawmakers closed the books on the 2024 legislative session on Friday + bills are now headed to Gov. Holcomb’s desk to either be signed or vetoed.

Here’s a look at what the legislature accomplished in the past few months.

Legalizing happy hour

If you didn’t know, now you do. “Happy Hour” discounts have been barred from restaurants since the 1980s + Indiana has remained one of a small handful of states that has kept the ban all these years. House Bill 1086 would legalize social hour once again.

Downtown tax district

We told you about the proposal that was approved by City-County Council back in December. ICYMI — Senators put language into the state budget at the last minute in 2023 to allow the city to pass a special downtown tax. The House proposed repealing it in House Bill 1199. The compromise: Indianapolis can have their taxing district, but they have to exempt certain groups + go through the ordinance-passing process all over again.

Reduced wetland protections

House Bill 1383 was the first bill Gov. Holcomb signed into law this year, despite the feelings of environmental advocates and state regulators. It strips more protections from the state’s few remaining wetlands.

Read about more bills that have passed or died this legislative session.

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