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Prepare for Election Day 2022 in Indy

We’re giving you everything you need to know about voting in the Circle City.

INDY_Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site_election_NOV2022

Benjamin Harrison gave over 80 speeches to more than 80,000 people from their front porches during his 1888 campaign.

Photo by Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

We’re just five days away from Election Day 2022.

We’re here to help you make your voice heard this election season.

  • The polls will be open on Tuesday, Nov. 8 from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. As long as you’re in line by 6 p.m., you will be permitted to vote.
  • To find the polling location nearest you, visit the Indiana Voter portal + click on “Voting Location.”
  • You can see a sample of what your ballot will look like + who will be on it online. Click on “Who’s on the Ballot.”
    • Every ballot for the general election in Indiana will have an option to vote for a U.S. Senate seat and a U.S. Representative seat, as well as three statewide offices: Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor.
    • Most ballots will also have races for county positions like prosecutor, sheriff, assessor, and township boards.
    • A large number voters will also be selecting members for their local school boards.
    • Some ballots may include referendums, or public questions, where voters will need to vote “yes” or “no.” See a list of public questions that will be on ballots.
  • Don’t forget to bring an acceptable form of ID with you to the polls.

Want to immerse yourself in the history of Election Day? The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site (1230 N. Delaware St.) is an official polling location in Marion County.

From 10 a.m.-3 p.m., the site will be hosting a live Election Day event where you can get a glimpse of the Harrison family as they eagerly await results from the 1888 presidential election. Get tickets.

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