Mini crossword: historical sites around Indy

Let’s play a game, Hoosiers.

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After you’ve successfully completed this crossword, don’t forget to challenge your friends.

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There’s nothing like a little crossword to kick start your morning. This mini puzzle will test your knowledge of spots around Indy with historical significance, whether they’re a monument, a landmark long gone, or a place to get active. We’ll give you a hint, but it’s up to you to identify the Hoosier hot spots.


4. It opened in the 80s and was named in honor of a Hoosier cycling world champion (three words).
5. Elvis gave his very last performance at this bygone downtown venue (three words).


1. This memorial is located at the site where Robert F. Kennedy improvised a speech about unity upon hearing the news of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s death (three words).
2. This event space used to be headquarters to a Masonic organization known as the “Shriners” (three words).
3. This is what remains of Tomlinson Hall (one word). Hint: Think underground.

Answer key

  1. ǝɔɐǝԀɹoɟʞɹɐɯpuɐ˥
  2. ǝɹʇuǝƆlɐuoᴉʇɐNplO
  3. sqɯoɔɐʇɐƆ
  4. ǝɯoɹpolǝΛɹolʎɐʇɹoɾɐW
  5. ɐuǝɹ∀ǝɹɐnbSʇǝʞɹɐW
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