Potential filming locations around Indianapolis, IN

Hoosier directors, assemble. INDYtoday readers have spoken + shared some of Indianapolis’ best filming locations. Spoiler alert: some of them are eerier than others.

White River Promenade walking path

With a view of the Indy skyline and cherry blossom trees lining the path, this could be a perfect place to propose.

Photo by INDYtoday team

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We asked + you delivered. In a previous newsletter we posed the question: “If Indy were a movie set, where would you film?” and it looks like we have some location scouts in our midst.

Where the main characters fall in love

“The White River Promenade, of course!” was one answer, and we couldn’t agree more. We can definitely envision a romantic stroll along the downtown, off-the-beaten-path walkway.

The setting of a dinner discussion — “Godfather” style

@will.anthony317 said that Nicky Blaine’s could be a great gangster film location, and we agree. The cigar bar on Monument Circle has the perfect ambiance for a serious conversation.

Prime 47 was also suggested, and we love the idea of wine being splashed in someone’s face during a heated discussion. Did you know that the steak + seafood spot won an Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator for its wine list four years in a row?

“The tiki bar in the back of Revolucion in Fountain Square” was also nominated by @painterlyt on Instagram. Perhaps Sunshine, the neighborhood cat, can make a cameo, too?

A sculpture at 100 Acres park

There’s something eerie about this area of the park.

Photo via @wemahone

A place for alien abductions + UFO sightings

Lindsay T. recommended this: “The grove of hundreds of walnut trees in perfect rows at Fort Harrison State Park along the Harrison Trace trail. Either an abduction or nice picnic - either way I’ve always thought something should be filmed there since it’s so surreal!”

Blake R. suggested 100 Acres. In addition to the “Funky Bones” sculpture that you could probably see from outer space, the spherical art installation is giving us “beam me up, Scotty” vibes. Fun fact: the film “The Fault in Our Stars” included a scene in this park, so Blake is onto something.

“You wanna fight?”

When it comes to fight scenes, Lindsay T. said Tyndall Armory is the place to be. With its history of being headquarters to the Indiana National Guard starting in 1923, it makes sense for a little sparring.

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