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View of Indianapolis skyline from the White River
Downtown Indianapolis skyline from the White River.

Good job, dedicated Indy citizen. If you’re getting this, it means you’re already one of the most informed + connected Circle City residents (or at least you’re about to be).

We are INDYtoday — your new go-to for navigating all things Indy. Whether you’re walking the dog, still in bed, sitting in the carpool lane, or sipping your morning coffee, your life as a smart, engaged Hoosier just got a little bit easier.

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We’ll share what you need to know in Indy each day — from ranking the best dishes at a new restaurant to breaking down the services you can take advantage of at Indy libraries — so you can wake up, read one (free) email, learn something new, and move forward with your day. We call that a win.

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  • October Plan Ahead calendar. Surprise! We’ve already published it. Find it here. Each month you can utilize our curated event calendar to find the best ways to fill all of your days around town — from shows to seminars. 🗓️ 
  • We are wildly obsessed with Bottleworks — so, we’ve got everything you need to see + do in the district that makes history modern.
  • Think you know everything about the Circle City? We’re giving you five fast facts, including why winners drink milk at the Indy 500 + where the world’s largest children’s museum is (hint: it’s right here)
  • Our city is doing big things — like adding a new boutique hotel, complete with a restaurant and rooftop bar, and a new golf venue downtown. Whatever it may be, we’ll get the scoop + give you something to get excited about. 🍸

It’s also finally fall, y’all. So, of course, we’re going to share with you all of the fall festivities to add to your bucket lists, where you can get fall flavored drinks locally, and the best views for fall foliage. 🍂

Who are we? ➡️

INDYtoday is the 13th city that 6AM City (our parent company) is helping make smarter + more informed. We also exist in Nashville (NASHtoday), Chattanooga (NOOGAtoday), Louisville (LOUtoday), Lexington (LEXtoday) + more. We’re written for locals by locals — who you will get to know in the coming weeks. 

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