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Small Business

The new space at 1011 Mass Ave. will be the second building to open at the Circle City Industrial Complex.
The plant and home shop is looking to expand with a new concept offering drinks in a space with greenery.
What’s sweeter than honey? Getting yours from a central Indiana family-owned apiary.
Miss Americana is coming. Here’s where you can shop the outfit pieces you need, no matter what era you’re in.
If the Cookie Monster moved to Indianapolis, he’d be in heaven. Here are just a few of the bakeries making our life sweeter each day.
Now that Memorial Day + race weekend are behind us, businesses around the city (and beyond) are celebrating their grand openings. Here’s a roundup of the new additions.
Several small businesses around Indy have been hit by unfortunate events, so we’re sharing their stories so you can show them a little extra love right now.
We’ll be toasting to the bountiful beverage industry across Indianapolis from Monday, July 22 to Friday, July 26, 2024.
Obsessed with everything around you smelling good? Here’s how you can keep it up with locally-made soaps and candles.
Wanna enjoy the nice weather while working remotely? We’ve got some spots with outdoor seating to give you a change of scenery.
Pack your reusable shopping bags, because we’ve rounded up eight farmers markets around Indianapolis.
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The first week of May is National Small Business Week, and we want to celebrate by giving your favorite local small businesses a shoutout.
Craving a delicious meat-free meal? Look no further than INDYtoday’s comprehensive guide to local vegan and vegetarian restaurants around Indianapolis, IN.
Believe it or not, an estimated 30 million Americans drink tea every day. Here are some places to get a beau-tea-ful tea experience.
Stop and smell the roses, tulips, and more across Indianapolis.
One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Avoid sending your no-longer-needed items to the landfill and donate them to these local organizations instead.
Whether you’re a coffee lover or just looking for a new place to try, INDYtoday’s coffee shop guide has you covered. This list of the best coffee shops in Indy will help you find the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and relax.
The best way to celebrate any occasion is with food — so eat the eclipse in style with these special offerings at The AMP.
If you’re like us and you have at least five beverages in front of you at all times — try swapping one out this season for something a little more festive.
Here come the bride, groom, and a whole lot of revelry. Give your bachelor or bachelorette parties a taste of Indy with these fun ideas.
A historic church in Fletcher Place will be revived as a new place for the community to gather — and a couple of neighbors are behind the vision.
What stores, restaurants, and venues would you like to see return the most?
Indy’s food truck scene has been on a roll, so we’re helping you keep up with these wheel-y good local eateries.
To help you stay in the know, and create your future Fountain Fletcher bucket list, we’re rounding up all of the new things coming to the neighborhood.
Youssef Boudarine showcases creative pastries, from a Chanel purse wild berry cake to All-Star themed chocolate and caramel fleur de sel caviar.
Sometimes you just need a small space outside of your home to gather — whether that be for meetings, workshops, private events, etc. We’ve got a list of small venues you may not think of.
If you’ve been bored of the same old activities, we’ve got just the solution for you with this list of five places to try in Indy.
As Indy continues to grow, we’re keeping an eye on upcoming developments and recently opened businesses.
Spotting bold designs and colorful floral prints around town? It may be the work of SJ and Joey — the creative masterminds behind Guide & Anchor.
Good news for Indianapolis.
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