Small Business

Looking to make some extra cash this summer? We’re rounding up some local organizations in need of extra hands this season.
The people behind this development are also the ones behind the first shipping container home to go on the Indianapolis housing market.
Side hustles are a great way to make some extra cash, so we were curious how you’re making money outside of your “9-to-5.”
This story is for the seasoned quizzers and the trivia newbies alike. We’re sharing where you can catch some of the best quizzes throughout the week.
The first week of May is National Small Business Week, and we want to celebrate by giving your favorite local small businesses a shoutout.
Saturday, April 29 is the 10th anniversary of Independent Bookstore Day.
Looking to join a community? Here are some places to visit in Indy that will make you feel like you belong.
Indiana was named the best state to start a business, so we’re sharing the first steps to get your business idea up and running.
There are so many local coffee shops in Indy that it can be hard to keep track — so we’ve created a list by area.
Several bookstores are slated to open in the Indy area this year.
Indy has so many local restaurants, it can be hard to keep up — so we’re sharing some hidden gems you should know about.
Good news for Indianapolis.
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