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Indy’s most iconic landmarks

Consider these our Hollywood signs.

A view of Monument Circle from the air

Indy is moving forward with three big initiatives in the near future.

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We’ve all been there: Someone’s trying to give you directions by describing 10 lefts, 20 rights, and a jumble of cardinal directions. Isn’t it easier to just point out a landmark?

That’s exactly what we’re doing. We have 10 of the most recognizable Indy landmarks — from Soldiers and Sailors Monument to “Ann Dancing.” Not only are these local icons easy to remember, but they’ll also get you where you need to go in a jiffy.

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Address: 1 Monument Cir.

Nearby: Salesforce Tower, Christ Church Cathedral, The Columbia Club

The iconic structure is only 15 ft shorter than the Statue of Liberty and features some unusual details like bears. When the observation deck is open, you can get a 360-degree view of the skyline.

People paddling on the canal in a swan boat

You know it’s summer when you start seeing these swans.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Downtown Canal Walk

Address: 801 W. Washington St.

Nearby: Indiana Statehouse, White River State Park

The Canal in itself is a landmark, but when you’re trying to meet someone at the popular summer spot, it’s best to let them know where you are in relation to the “Orange Bridge.”

Salesforce Tower

Address: 1 E. Ohio St.

Nearby: Monument Circle, Columbia Club, Christ Church Cathedral

If you’re still calling it “Chase Tower,” you’re not alone. The tallest building in Indiana opened in 1990 and has been called Bank One throughout the years, as well.

Exterior of the Bottleworks Hotel at night

The Bottleworks District looks pretty magical in the moonlight.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Bottleworks District

Address: 850 Mass Ave.

Nearby: The Garage Food Hall, PINS Mechanical Co., Living Room Theaters

It’s hard to miss Bottleworks’ marquee-style “Hotel” sign, especially when it’s lit up at night. It was once part of the world’s largest Coca-Cola bottling plant.

Indiana Statehouse

Address: 200 W. Washington St.

Nearby: Downtown Canal Walk, Indiana Government Center

If you grew up in the Hoosier State, you’ve probably gone on a field trip to this historic building. Fun fact: there are snail fossils in the marble floors.

Exterior of Walker Theatre with marquee

Have you read our update on the Walker Theatre rooftop yet?

Photo by INDYtoday team

Madam Walker Legacy Center

Address: 617 Indiana Ave.

Nearby: Kurt Vonnegut Museum, IUPUI

The building is the only early 20th century structure that still stands in the 600 block of the avenue. It’s dedicated to America’s first self-made woman millionaire, born Sarah Breedlove.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Address: 4790 W. 16th St.

Nearby: International Marketplace, Venerable Flackville

Well, this one’s fairly obvious. When it’s not May, the track is used for a number of events, including vintage car shows + a grand prix or two.

A sculpture of Ann Dancing

“How far away are you from the dancing lady?”

Photo by INDYtoday team

“Ann Dancing”

Address: 401 Mass Ave.

Nearby: Old National Centre, Needler’s Fresh Market

We’re thinking out-of-the-box for this one. When you’re trying to find someone on Mass Ave., we think it’s helpful to say how close you are to this recognizable piece by London artist, Julian Opie.

Exterior of War Memorial

This memorial doubles as a museum.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Indiana War Memorial

Address: 55 E. Michigan St.

Nearby: Monument Circle, Central Library

Did you know the Indiana War Memorial Plaza Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places? Its design was inspired by Greek architecture of the fifth century.

Indianapolis Artsgarden

Address: 110 W. Washington St.

Nearby: Indiana Statehouse, Monument Circle

AKA “the mall,” this identifiable structure is a beautiful spot to sit in if you’re taking a break from shopping + is used to link Circle Centre Mall to hotels and more retail space. It’s owned and operated by Indy Arts Council.

Monuments at Crown Hill Cemetery

Lots of well-known figures are buried on this land.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Crown Hill Cemetery

Address: 700 W. 38th St.

Nearby: Newfields, International School of Indiana

There are 130 different species of trees in the cemetery’s 555 acres. Several noteworthy Hoosiers have been buried there, including John Dillinger.

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