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How to winter in Indy ❄️

Prepare for winter weather in Indy with these seasonal temperature and precipitation outlooks.

Aerial shot of frozen downtown canal

The photographer said it best: “I think the canal would be the most epic ice skating rink ever.”

Photo via @aaron.creates

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We know the question on your mind, Hoosiers — when’s it going to get cold again? Thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, we know what temperatures and precipitation trends to expect in our city for December, January, and February. While exact weather conditions typically can’t be predicted more than a week in advance, here’s a seasonal outlook to help you prepare for what winter will bring.

Reminder: The first day of winter is on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

A map with temperature projections

Winter is on the way, weather you like it or not.

Screenshot via NOAA

🌡️ Temperature

Think cold. Our city is predicted to experience typical winter temperatures for the area.

🌨️ Precipitation

Expect slightly more precipitation. Indy has a 40-50% chance of seeing higher than average snow and rainfall amounts this winter.

☀️ Drought

Drought conditions are expected to improve this season.

Back to December

Typically in Indy, December’s temperatures fluctuate between an average low of 28.2° and an average high of 38.3°. If you’re hoping for a white Christmas, you should know that on average, this month produces the highest snowfall at 2.28 ft. Heads up: December has the shortest days of the year, with only 9 hours and 21 minutes of daylight on the winter solstice (Wednesday, Dec. 21).

Jumping into January

In the new year, expect the average high and low temps to be between 21° and 33.4°. January is usually the coldest month of the year, so we recommend bundling up before heading out to Mass Ave. Did you know that January also has the least amount of sunshine with an average of just 4.1 hours? You can beat the blues by strolling around the Garfield Park Conservatory — a tropical paradise in the winter.

February feels

Historically, average temps in February rise a bit with an average low of 25.2°and an average high of 38.3°. It’s also typically one of the windiest months, breezing by at an average of 9.8 mph. Bonus: Hoosiers can expect to notice longer days again, with sunrises at 7:52 a.m. and sunsets at 6:04 p.m., on average. You can take advantage of the extended sunshine by stopping by one of these 21 spots for a post-work drink.

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