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Spots to work outside in Indianapolis

Wanna enjoy the nice weather while working remotely? We’ve got some spots with outdoor seating to give you a change of scenery.

outdoor seating area at Parlor Public House coffee shop

Put on some sunscreen, this space doesn’t have much shade.

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If you work remotely, you can start to feel cooped up at home. Trust us, we get it. We highly recommend getting some fresh air + sunlight, especially when there’s nice weather.

To get you out of the home office, here are some spots around Indy where you can work outside — Wi-Fi connection included.

Parlor Public House, 600 E. Ohio St.

This has become a popular spot to work from, especially with its private booths inside to take Zoom calls. It also has a small outdoor seating area, but fair warningtables are limited.

Pro tip: This spot also has a strict “no laptops after 7 p.m.” rule when it transforms into a cocktail lounge. But we’d hope you’ve signed off by then anyways.

a laptop and coffee drink on a table outside of a coffee shop

City Editor Nicole enjoys sipping on an iced horchata latte while working at Provider.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Provider, 1101 E. 16th St.

This patio space is plentiful with tables and chairs. If it’s a hot day, there’s also an awning that creates some shade to make it more comfortable.

Central Library, 40 E. St. Clair St.

The East Garden is a little hidden gem on the grounds of the library with tables + benches to work from.

Pro tip: The Wi-Fi might not be at its strongest so if you have meetings or calls, it might be best to go inside.

a laptop on a table outside

Bovaconti has a good amount of shade, which is a must on these hot summer days.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Bovaconti, 1042 Virginia Ave.

If you’ve driven through Fountain Square, you can’t miss this outdoor patio space by the blue mural. It’s decently sized + gets a good amount of shade tucked in the corner with the awning.

Amelia’s, 1637 Nowland Ave.

This bakery shop’s Windsor Park location has a nice little patio to work from while you munch on a pastry + sip some coffee.

Pro tip: There’s a small meeting room if you venture upstairs and the back has a cozy sitting area if you can snag it.

a coffee drink on a patio table in front of a mural

Sunny day? Don’t worry, there are umbrellas to provide some shade on Foundry’s patio.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Foundry Provisions, 236 E. 16th St.

This near north side cafe offers coffee, sandwiches, ice cream, outdoor seating, and Wi-Fi. What more could you need? It’s also open until 5 p.m. — when the work day ends.

The Garage at Bottleworks, 906 Carrollton Ave.

There’s plenty of seating along the side of the building, plus even more outdoor patio space on the north side. When you need a snack break, you’re steps away from plenty of options + if you need a caffeine boost, Blue Collar Coffee is within reach.

tables and chairs set up on sidewalk outside local coffee shop

Blue Mind added a few tables and chairs outside, but keep in mind there’s no shade on the sidewalk.

Photo by INDYtoday team

Blue Mind Coffee, 646 E. 38th St.

This coffee shop at the historic Rose Building added a few tables and chairs outside the shop — just in time for nice weather. There’s also a bike rack if you arrive on two wheels. Keep in mind it’s next the main road, so there will be car noise.

draft creative space, 1525 Prospect St.

This new coworking space not only has an aesthetic atmosphere inside with it’s main room + peaceful sunroom — it also has a large garden patio space. Don’t have a membership? Don’t worry. It offers day passes for $25.

The Stutz, 1060 N. Capitol Ave.

The outdoor sitting area between buildings is the perfect spot to work from as it doesn’t get hit with a ton of direct sunlight, there are plenty of tables and chairs; and you have Amelia’s, Cafe Patachou, Julieta’s Tacos, and Barista Parlor all just steps away.

We’re sure there are a ton of other places. Where do you like to go to send those important emails? Let us know and we might drop your recommendations in a future newsletter.

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