What is CreativeMornings in Indy?

If you’re looking for a space to connect with creatives in your community — this might be it.

An audience and a big screen displaying Creative Mornings' logo

Will we see you at the next event?

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CreativeMornings is “the world’s largest face-to-face creative community,” but if you’ve ever attended one of its chapter events in Indy, you’ve probably found it to be a pretty niche community full of familiar faces.

Don’t get us wrong, this lecture series has a habit of selling out (though registration is free). For the uninitiated, here’s a rundown of what the organization does and how to participate.

What is it?

Each month, a different member of Indy’s creative community discusses their work in fields like science, art, music, and political organizing (read: pretty much everything). It’s essentially a TED talk, but with speakers you might already know from your neighborhood.

People inside Kan-Kan talking with coffee

This CreativeMornings lecture took place at Kan-Kan Cinema & Brasserie. | Photo by INDYtoday team

How does it work?

Before the lecture, you’ll have time to grab a coffee and donut while you chat with other attendees and organizers.

The talks often begin with “love bombs.” That’s where they feature a member of the community who deserves a little extra attention for their work. The Hoosier’s social media handle will pop up on the big screen and the audience is encouraged to share supportive words.

After that, it’s time to sit back and enjoy a lecture from a Naptown native. We were able to catch Oreo Jones’ talk about how he started his music career here. It’s also where we learned that the Chreece Hip-Hop Festival is coming back this year, which we shared with you earlier this month.

The next speaker hasn’t been announced yet, but if you sign up for its newsletterand we know you love newsletters — you can find out as soon as it’s official and sign up for tickets.

Got any pro tips?

  • Bring a mug with you. These gatherings usually feature Tinker Coffee. To cut down on waste, CreativeMornings encourages attendees to skip the paper cup.
  • Invite a friend. There’s nothing quite like a rehash of the event over brunch afterward.
  • Explore other creative communities. CreativeMornings has a chapter in 228 cities across the globe. What better way to understand a new place than by learning from the people in it?
  • Catch up on previous sessions. From Sampson Levingston to Ashley C. Ford, there are plenty of Hoosiers to learn more about.