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Your palm tells us you’re in need of a reading.

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The New Year will be here before you know it — curious what it might have in store?

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Whether you’re a skeptic or have a few tarot decks of your own, getting your fortune told is an age-old practice and a great way to get ready for the new year.

See if the stars are in your favor with these five psychics around the Circle City.


“Nice girls read tarot” is the motto of this laid back duo. Kelli and Hayley not only do in-person readings, but also book virtual sessions. Plus, they explore astrology and energetic healing with Reiki and Chakra Balancing.

The Black Cat Tarot

Looking to incorporate tarot into your next party? You can book The Black Cat Tarot for intuitive readings — and you might get a chance to meet her familiar, who is a black cat appropriately named Salem.

Indy Tarot Mystique

Owner Amelia offers a range of tarot options, including career in-depth readings, love and soulmate readings, and general life overviews. For those interested in natal charts, she also offers single chart readings and analyzes compatibility between couples and friends.

Inner Path

This “Ultimate Self-Help Store” has locations on the north and south sides of Indy. With 12 psychics on staff and four classes to choose from, Inner Path offers a variety of readings, including Reiki healing, Ancient Nordic Runic Alphabet readings, and oracle card readings.

Pyramid of Enlightenment

Want to hop on the aura photo trend? This spot at 8101 E. Washington St. has you covered. In addition to interpreting the color of your spiritual being, Pyramid of Enlightenment also offers beginning tarot classes (starting on Monday, Jan. 23), crystals, candles, and books.

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