Shop local and sustainable at these Indianapolis, IN businesses

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Shopping locally and buying in bulk is a great way to minimize your eco footprint — so ready your tote bag (maybe that one you got from People For Urban Progress) + Ball jars — we have a roundup of five local locations for all your environmentally friendly needs.

🌸 Flora Refill & Grocery | 5365 E. Washington St.

This Irvington neighborhood market is freshly opened as of Sat., July 31 with small batch + locally made refillable cleaning supplies, foods, and personal items. Want to show your support for this brand-new business? Donate to the shop’s gofundme.

🌿 Georgetown Market | 4375 Georgetown Rd.

There’s an entire department dedicated to bulk shopping + the market caters to specialty diets like vegan, gluten-free, paleo, and keto. As an added bonus, there’s an in-house eatery that’s part juice bar, bakery, and deli.

🌎 Good Earth | 6350 Guilford Ave.

The first level of the natural food company is dedicated to supplements and sustainable groceries. Pro tip: Check out the chocolatesthere’s an aisle filled with unique flavors. Then, head upstairs to find everything from footwear, to cleaning products + personal care.

Glass jars on counter with Refill Bar sign in background

You can bring your own glass jar or purchase one for use at the refill bar. Photo by @rooftopfruit

🥭 Rooftop Fruit Co. | 1058 Virginia Ave.

Check out the refill bar at this Fountain Square spot, formerly known as Onatah General. You can purchase a glass bottle or bring your own for 5% off to fill with body products free of packaging, or you can grab some shampoo + conditioning bars. A portion of each purchase goes toward the Native American Heritage Association.

☕️ Amberson Coffee & Grocer | 401 S. College Ave.

Part coffee house, part local grocery. Even the to-go coffee is served in glass jars, so no single-use plastics are available. For a $1 deposit, you get the jar + if you bring it back later, you get a dollar off your next drink.

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