The sister cities of Indianapolis, IN

We’re sharing which international cities Indy is related to.

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Breaking news: Indy isn’t an only child. In fact, did you know that Naptown actually has nine sister cities? Today, we’re sharing the cities that are the Mary-Kates to our Ashley.

What are sister cities?

Also known as a twin town or a friendship city, the relationship comes about when two different places make an agreement to promote lasting cultural ties. The idea is to form a fellowship that encourages trade + tourism and empowers Hoosiers to serve as citizen diplomats and global advocates.

There’s actually a whole department at the City of Indianapolis dedicated to fostering worldwide relationships + investing in Indy’s minority populations — the Office of International and Latino Affairs.

How are they chosen?

The cities are selected based on a number of factors, including preexisting governmental + trade relationships, historical and ancestral connections, shared geographic challenges, and faith-based groups.

In case you were wondering how Indy’s international family compares to other cities, like-sized Cleveland, OH has 23 + Chicago, IL has 29, while Lexington, KY has four.

Who are we “related” to?

  • Taipei, Taiwan (1978)
  • Cologne, Germany (1988)
  • Monza, Italy (1994)
  • Piran, Slovenia (2001)
  • Hangzhou, China (2008)
  • Campinas, Brazil (2009)
  • Northampton Shire County, UK (2009)
  • Hyderabad, India (2010)
  • Onitsha, Nigeria (2017)

Speaking of Hangzhou — from now until Sat., Nov. 26, the Global Village Welcome Center will have an exhibit entitled “Expressions of Hangzhou” featuring 35 original pieces of caligraphy + art, as well as sports and cultural artifacts.

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