Unwritten rules of Indianapolis, IN

Monument Circle during the day

The unwritten rule for tourists is that they must take a photo on the Circle. | Photo by INDYtoday team

If you’re a true Hoosier, what you’re about to read won’t be anything new.

Though none of these rules are necessarily official, here’s what locals said just comes naturally to Circle City citizens. (Aka, if you’re not from here, here’s how we can tell.)
When eating the @stelmo shrimp cocktail, one must say, “it’ll clear your sinuses.” — @chrisceciljr

If you don’t live in Marion County you’re not from Indy. Sorry not sorry. — @playtimeontherock

Always say - Ope, sorry let me sneak past ya #unwrittenrules #indy #opesorryletmesneakpastya — @afrozenbubble

You must always wave at a driver who stops to let you cross the street! — @moburoasters

4 way 🛑 - “No, you go” — @petermerante

It’s Broad Ripple, not Broadripple. — @broadrippleindy

It’s totally normal to cross the middle of Washington Street right in front of cars. — @coreynregan

Never root for the New England Patriots. Carb Day is a holiday. The 500 is the start of summer. — u/Purplemaserati

KSR [Keystone Sports Review] has the best bar food. — u/Caged_in_a_rage

No such thing as a “potluck,” the correct Hoosier term is “pitch in.” — u/MayorCharlesCoulon

Best burger in the city is indisputably Workingman’s Friend. Cash only and very inconvenient hours, but worth going to. — u/Jrpetersjr

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