Popcorn: Indiana’s official state snack

Popcorn being poured in a park in front of the Indy skyline

We like our state snack with a side of Indy skyline | Photo via INDYtoday team

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Popcorn — Indiana’s official state snack — is quite the moneymaker here in the Hoosier state. Not only is it a favorite among basketball game goers (of which there’s no shortage in Indy) but it’s also a great way to support Indiana’s agriculture industry.

Here’s some more pop-corn trivia:

🍿 94,000 acres of popcorn were grown in Indiana in 2020.

🍿 $75 million is the estimated crop value of popcorn, according to the USDA.

🍿 A native to Brazil, IN, Orville Redenbacher started out here + much of his famous company’s popcorn production still takes place here.

🍿 The world’s longest popcorn string was attempted at the IMS by Central Indiana boy scouts in 2015.

🍿 Weaver Popcorn — headquartered in Whitestown, IN — is one of the world’s largest popcorn growers in the world.

So where can you get some fresh, locally-made popcorn nearby?

Just Pop In — located in Broad Ripple + the Indianapolis International Airport — has you covered with some unusual flavors, such as spicy ginger curry + hot wing and ranch. It even incorporates other local businesses into its flavors, like Sun King Dark Chocolate Osiris and Smoking Goose Bacon & Cheddar.

If you think that’s delightfully strange, you’ll get a kick out of its partnership with Lick. Together, they’ve come up with popcorn-flavored ice cream.

Plus, if you’ve been to a farmers market in the Circle City, chances are you’ve come across Groomsville Popcorn. A family-owned business, it gets its kernels from My Dad’s Sweet Corn — another farmers market fave.

Pro tip: Stringing up some popcorn garland for the holidays? Use day-old popcorn because it’s stronger.


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