Answered: the developments you’d finish first in Indianapolis, IN

If you had the power to instantly complete a local development project, these are the ones you’d finish in the blink of an eye.

A bridge under construction

We got a friendly wave from the workers while taking this photo. | Photo by INDYtoday team

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Indy has lots of development projects in the works, so that got us thinking — If you had the power to instantly finish a major local development project, which one would you choose?

We asked our followers on Instagram, and y’all were eager to share how you’d use your magic locally.

North Split

We could’ve guessed this one. Many of you voted that you’d finish the North Split project first, which has been ongoing since the winter of 2020. Good news: the major project is finally nearing completion.

I-65 is set to fully open at the North Split this spring and final touches like local street paving and adding plants will be wrapped up in summer or fall 2023.

Instagram user @indianapolisamy said the North Split and also added, “but also more streetlights throughout Indy.”

Aerial rendering of the Indy Eleven stadium development

Everything about this project is huge.

Rendering via Eleven Park

Indy Eleven Stadium

Coming off the recent news of the planned $1 billion Eleven Park on the southwest side of downtown, several of you voted to see this project completed first.

The project will not only include a brand new 20,000-seat multipurpose stadium for Indy Eleven, but also 600 apartments, 205,000 sqft of office space, parking garages, public plazas with green space, a hotel, and 197,000 sqft for retail space.

The project breaks ground this May and could be complete by summer 2025.

Instagrammer @jbroebuck said Indy Eleven Stadium because it’ll be a “massive injection to a neglected quadrant of our city that expands downtown.”

A rendering of a bus stop on the Purple Line

A rendering of Sherman Station with bus only lane.

Rendering via IndyGo

Purple Line

We were a little surprised by the amount of you that voted for IndyGo’s Purple Line that will connect Indy to Lawrence.

The planned bus line will be 15.2 miles and share 13 stations with the Red Line. The estimated $187.9 million project will also add 10 miles of sidewalks and 488 accessible curb ramps.

Instagram follower @twainindy said the Purple Line because “this city has so much potential but we need a better public mass transit system.”

Most voted response

We didn’t include this as an option because we figured this one goes without saying, but most of you voted that fixing potholes should come first.

The good news: an unprecedented $10 million has been given to DPW this year to address the city’s pothole problem. Construction to fix potholes and make other improvements on North Meridian Street is expected to start this spring and last until the fall.

Learn more about how you can report potholes to the city.

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