Indy suburbs as Thanksgiving side dishes

From green bean casserole to cranberry sauce, which iconic side does each suburb rep?

INDYtoday: INDY_Thanksgiving dinner_NOV23

Huge fan of Thanksgiving side dishes? Hosting a Friendsgiving with everyone you know is the best way to get your fill (and some new recipes.)

Photo by the INDYtoday team

Let us set the table for your Thanksgiving feast with a question. If the Circle City is the turkey to this metro area meal, then what side dish is each of the suburbs?

For example: Lawrence and stuffing, because one way or the other, you probably have strong feelings about it. Is Westfield the gravy because it’s on top of everything, or is Southport the roll that you pile your makeshift Thanksgiving sandwich on? Carmel could be a dessert… it’s pretty rich.

We want to hear your ideas. Make them funny and family friendly and we’ll use them in an upcoming newsletter.

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