Four of the most haunted places in Indianapolis

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It’s spooky season — so if want to do a little ghost hunting, here are some of the most haunted places in Indianapolis:

👻 Indiana Central State Hospital | 📍2800-3300 W. Washington St.

Opened in 1848, the hospital was originally known as the “Indiana Hospital for the Insane.” The hospital covers 160 acres on the outskirts of the west side. After several scandals regarding patient abuse, the hospital closed in 1994.

Indiana Central State Hospital-Haunted Rooms America

Indiana Central State Hospital | Photo via Haunted Rooms America

👻 Indiana Repertory Theatre | 📍140 W. Washington St.

The IRT has been home to countless performers since 1972. A former director enjoyed jogging + would sometimes do so inside the theatre. He was later struck and killed in a hit + run. Former employees claim to hear creaking floorboards as a ghostly figure can be spotted jogging in the theatre.

IRT-Haunted Rooms America

Indiana Repertory Theatre | Photo via Haunted Rooms America

👻 Hannah House | 📍3801 Madison Ave.

The Hannah House was built in 1858 by Alexander Hannah + it became a stop on the Underground Railroad. Hannah helped some people escape, but it also became home to tragedy when a fire broke out in the basement, trapping and killing those inside. As the story goes, the deceased were buried by Hannah’s servants in the dirt of the cellar floor, in an attempt to cover up the incident.

Hannah House-Haunted Rooms America

Hannah House | Photo via Haunted Rooms America

👻 Slippery Noodle Inn | 📍372 S. Meridian St.

Known as one of the oldest operating bars in Indiana, The Slippery Noodle Inn has been around since the 1850s + has served as a bar, restaurant, theater, and a stop on the Underground Railroad. People have claimed to see the ghosts of enslaved people who died, as well as the ghosts of prostituted women murdered on the premises.

Slippery Noodle Inn-Haunted Rooms America

The Slippery Noodle Inn | Photo via Haunted Rooms America

When you think of Indianapolis, many people think of the Indy 500 + the state’s Midwest history. But these ghostly stories prove that some may be drawn to Indiana for another — more haunting — reason.


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