Guide to IndyFringe Festival in Indianapolis, IN

Celebrate the arts at IndyFringe from Thursday, Aug. 17- Sunday, Sept. 3 with 285 performances by 400+ performing artists across six stages — from magic, to stand-up, to original plays and musicals, to acts that defy genre.

Five performers in Regency-era costuming piled on top of one another.

IndyFringe shows are sometimes poignant, sometimes outlandish, and often both. | Photo via IndyFringe

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Tickets are on sale now for the 2023 IndyFringe Theatre Festival, a three-weekend celebration of the arts taking place across six stages along Mass Ave from Thursday, Aug. 17 to Sunday, Sept. 3.

At IndyFringe Fest, expect to experience the unexpected, but don’t let the event itself catch you off guard. With 70 shows from 400+ performing artists to explore, here’s how to discover your new favorite artist.

Buy tickets

Each show is ticketed separately — but just like the festival, there’s some variety.

Single show tickets are $20. If you’re looking to save some money (and experience the show in a unique way), there are two alternatives to single tickets:

  • Flex passes give you six tickets to shows of your choice for $99. Pro tip: Remember there are six stages and three venues, so plan your route if you’re attending back-to-back shows.
  • Rush ticketing gives you day-of-show discounts on tickets to select performances. Rush tickets are $12, but you can’t just pick any show. Check for day-of discounts, and catch a show you might not see otherwise.

Above all, IndyFringe celebrates artists, and 80% of all ticket sales go directly to the performers.

INDY fringe on wheels

The Fringe on Wheels mobile stage is like an ice cream truck, but for art. | Photo via IndyFringe

Daniel Axler

Plan your visit

The 285 performances of IndyFringe Fest will take place across three venues:

  • IndyFringe Theatre | 719 E. St. Clair St.
  • The District Theatre | 627 Massachusetts Ave.
  • The Athenaeum | 401 E. Michigan St.

Navigate traffic and construction using the festival guide to parking, biking, and IndyGo.

Other festival activities include The Beer Tent (outside of IndyFringe Theatre), the Harrison Center Arts Adventure, and the Fringe on Wheels mobile stage. Check the festival map to start your itinerary.

Know what to expect

There’s something for everybody at IndyFringe Fest — mind readers, storytellers, and experimental theater.

Just make sure you know what you’re getting into. Some shows are definitely not for kids, so read each act’s description fully before getting your tickets.

Not sure where to begin? Check the festival’s online schedule.

People in costumes standing together

These may be costumes, but we challenge you to dress your wildest during this time. | Photo via IndyFringe

Behind the curtain

IndyFringe’s first festival was hosted in 2005. It’s actually one of 300 Fringe Festivals worldwide providing equitable access for artists of any medium to bring their talents to the Circle City.

There are many genre-defying shows to choose from, including ballet, cabaret, magic, drama, stand-up, musicals + bouffon (that’s a modern French theater term for the old role of a court jester). Shows such as “Oh Look it’s Magic!” aim to educate the audience about ADHD and “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind” will feature 24 micro plays in 48 minutes.

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