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The history of women’s homeownership (and why insurance matters)

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When it comes to home insurance, 96% of Lemonade customers report a positive claims experience. | Photo via Pexels

March is Women’s History Month, and over the next few weeks, you’ll hear a lot about how women gained the right to vote. But did you know that women didn’t fully gain the legal resources to apply for home loans until the 1970s? In 1981, the Supreme Court finally unclassified women as being legally subordinate to their husbands in terms of property ownership + control.

Today, single women account for the second largest homebuying group in the US (second only to married couples). Not only that, but according to a Realtor.com report, Indianapolis is ranked as the fourth best housing market positioned for growth in 2022.

Buying your first home is incredibly empowering, and one of the best decisions you can make is purchasing home insurance to protect that investment. Right now, insurance is mostly purchased by men, but we can see that changing. Companies like Lemonade are innovating home insurance by making it easy, affordable + community-oriented. Not convinced? Here are three reasons why locking in Lemonade just makes sense:

🏠 You’ll sleep better knowing your home (and all its surrounding structures) are protected against loss, damage + theft.

If your home is damaged, Lemonade will cover the cost of repairs. If a tree falls on your shed, they can help cover those costs, too. They protect against fire, water damage, theft, liability, weather- related events like a windstorm, and even “acts of God.” (Yes, like a volcano eruption.)

🏠 Because Lemonade is approved by all major lenders, switching is easy.

They’ll even do the paperwork for you. Bye, confusing escrow payments.

🏠 Lemonade gives back.

Lemonade is a public benefit corporation, which means they take a flat fee up front, use the rest to cover claims, and donate the extra money to important causes selected by their policyholders.

Bonus: They’re also a certified B-corps (read: meets high standards of transparency + accountability), so you can feel extra good about giving them your business.

Interested? Get a quote — it’s easy.*

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