The North Split is officially open to traffic

After nearly two years of construction, I-65 and I-70 are officially open in both directions at the North Split as of early Monday, May 1.

An aerial view of Indianapolis' North Split construction project in progress

Demo is underway for the lanes that previously carried I-70 EB to I-65 NB.

Photo by INDOT

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After nearly two years under construction, the North Split is finally fully open to traffic.

The northbound and southbound lanes of I-65 through the downtown interchange with I-70 reopened early Monday morning after a series of delays due to supply chain and labor shortages.

The North Split is one of the busiest interchanges in central Indiana with ~214,000 vehicles traveling through it every day. INDOT began the $350 million project on May 15, 2021 with the goal of improving safety and reducing congestion by eliminating bottlenecks.

What’s new?

I-65 and I-70 are open in both directions through the North Split. However, INDOT is reminding drivers that the Delaware/11th Street ramp to southbound I-65 is no longer available + access to the Meridian/Pennsylvania Street exit will only be available through northbound I-65.

INDY_Ohio Street North Split construction_JAN2023

Crews prepare to open Ohio Street in January 2023.

Photo by INDOT

Here’s how drivers can get downtown via the interstate:

  • I-70 westbound collector/distributor (C/D) exit ramp to Michigan Street
  • I-65 northbound / I-70 eastbound exit ramp to Washington Street
  • I-70 westbound to Martin Luther King, Jr./West Street
  • I-65 southbound to Meridian Street
  • I-65 southbound to West Street
  • All existing ramps on I-70 west of the South Split

What’s left?

The I-65 southbound collector/distributor movement, the Ohio Street exit ramp, and the Meridian/Pennsylvania exit ramp are still under construction + are expected to reopen by the end of May.

Local street construction remains and the Monon Trail is expected to open this spring, followed by local street paving and aesthetic work through summer/fall of this year.

When all is said + done — this project will also add the following pedestrian-friendly elements by the end of 2023:

  • 223 new lights
  • 12,100 ft of sidewalk and trail
  • 4,500 decorative + shade trees
  • 5,000 big + small shrubs

Get even more information and keep up with the project.

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