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Find some peace and quiet at Indy’s 10 most silent spots

Naptown isn’t always conducive to napping — but here are the areas in the city with the best quiet scores where you can escape the noise.

INDYtoday: INDY_Southwest Way Park_MAY24

Southwest Way Park earned the No. 7 spot on the list of quietest places in Indianapolis. Hear that? Us neither.

With all of the major events taking place in 2024, Indianapolis is a bustling city — and the excitement can make things feel pretty noisy.

Described as “an underestimated threat” by the World Health Organization, noise pollution can impair much more than hearing. Exposure to high noise pollution is also linked to sleep quality, work + school performance, physical ailments, and mental health.

That’s why conducted a study to find places where locals can escape noise pollution. Researchers assessed 3,000+ parks + nature spaces across 245 cities and assigned them “Quiet Scores” based on visitor reviews, ratings, and popularity. Here are Indy’s quietest spots:

1. White River State Park
2. Fort Harrison State Park
3. Holcomb Gardens
4. Eagle Creek Park
5. Holliday Park
6. Garfield Park Conservatory & Sunken Garden
7. Southwestway Park
8. White River Gardens
9. Indianapolis Cultural Trail
10. Indianapolis Museum of Art

Disagree? Or have a favorite spot that isn’t listed? Whisper our way.

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