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Sniffing out local soap + candle companies

Obsessed with everything around you smelling good? Here’s how you can keep it up with locally-made soaps and candles.

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Every time I drive north to visit family, I make a stop at Mercantile 37, which stocks at least a dozen local soap and candle brands.

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City Editor Shea here. Even before pregnancy endowed me with a superhuman sense of smell, I was always very particular about the scents of my home, my hair, my dogs, and everything else around me. Naturally this led to a passion for discovering the most fantastically fragrant local soap + candle companies — here’s a list of just a few of my favorites that I’m sure you’ll love too.

Simple Goodness Soaps
“Simple” and “good” are the perfect adjectives to describe the soaps made by the Caldwell family. They use their own farm fresh goat’s milk, homegrown herbs, and other local ingredients in every bar. I’m currently using the Muscle Soother soap, which has a relaxing blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary.

Timberjack Goods
This company has been around since 2005, creating a variety of outdoorsy, hyper-local products. If you’re a big State Parks fan, check out the State Park candle collection — five candles with unique scents, beautiful packaging, and wood wicks. Pro tip: You can find them at Silver in the City.

Indiana Soap Co.
Indiana Soap Co.'s bars are just as lovely to smell as they are to look at. If you find you’re going through soaps faster than you can get back to the store to restock, you can buy a monthly subscription box. Soaps that match your personal fragrance preferences will be delivered to your mailbox each month.

INDYtoday: INDY_Salt & Ash Soap Co market booth_MAY24

You can find Salt & Ash Soap Co. in person at markets throughout the city or at the storefront at 1006 Virginia Ave.

Resolute Candles
Handpoured candles in recyclable receptacles? Yes, please. Personally, I’m obsessed with the Drunk Cat candle series, which also makes for an excellent gift for friends with good senses of humor.

Salt & Ash Soap Co.
Salt & Ash goes beyond just basic soaps. You can streamline your beauty routine with one of its multipurpose oils or treat your hands to a luxurious lotion. I’m a huge fan of the lip shimmers, which are as tasty as they are moisturizing.

Have a fave I missed? Please let me know so I can try it and add to my list.

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