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Colts fans + caffeine, a match made in football heaven

The Colts fan base is known for many things — but apparently, caffeine consumption takes the (coffee)cake.

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Surveyed Colts fans reported they drink an average of 3.5 caffeinated beverages a day (like these ones from Indie Coffee Roasters.) Talk about jitters.

Photo by @indiecoffeeroasters

The results are in, and they’re giving us wings.

According to a survey conducted by Pickswise, Colts fans are the most caffeinated fanbase in the NFL, drinking an average of 3.5 caffeinated beverages per day. Before you go get a celebratory coffee, here are some of the other awards given out that you can use to taunt your friends:

  • Green Bay Packers fans chugged their way to most beers per game, with an average of 6.3 brewskis.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars fans had the highest divorce rate, at 38.8%. Hey, at least they won’t have to fight over the comfy spot on the couch anymore?
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers apparently aren’t slowing down any time soon — their fans were deemed the worst drivers, with a per-person average of 4.3 speeding tickets.
  • Know any influencers? They’re probably Seattle Seahawks fans, who are the most addicted to social media with an average of 6.8 hours a day spent online.

Craving your own coffee fix now? We have a guide for that.

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