A very Hoosier film screening at Heartland

“It Happened One Weekend” is a story of two friends exploring their feelings right here in Indianapolis.

The backs of two figure facing the Indianapolis skyline

Zac Cooper directed, wrote, produced + starred in the film.

Photo via @thezaccooper

“It Happened One Weekend” is happening this weekend.

Among other Hoosier-made films, “It Happened One Weekend” will be featured in the Heartland International Film Festival, which will run from Thurs., Oct. 6-Sun., Oct. 16.

The film stars two Hoosiers who spend the weekend walking around Indy, talking about life. Shot in black-and-white, Nuvo called it “a love letter to romantic comedies and the Circle City itself.” If you see the movie, you’ll recognize spots like Mass Ave. + Fountain Square, which give the film “a warm backdrop.” If you’re unable to see this film at The Living Room or the Glendale Landmark, you can stream it online.

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