AI-generated drawings in Indianapolis, IN

Beauty is in the AI of the beholder

Three images drawn by AI to depict the Indianapolis canal

Is that an attempt at the Statehouse on the far left?

Photos via Craiyon

In the words of the great Bob Ross (who filmed “The Joy of Painting” right here in Indiana), “We don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents,” — and that definitely applies to these AI-generatedmasterpieces.

Meet Craiyon. Like Alexa or Siri but with a little less attitude, this artificial intelligence (AI) art project sketches 50,000+ images a day by taking users’ text input, scouring the internet for millions of related photos, while essentially teaching itself how to draw.

Here’s our take on how it did recreating some of Indy’s most iconic locations:

The Canal

Is it just us, or does each version get slightly greener? Little does AI know, but the canal doesn’t just celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a dye job, it’s also gotten a makeover for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week (orange), National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (teal), the Colts season kickoff (blue, of course) + Breast Cancer Awareness Month (pink), among other events.

Three AI generated pictures of Monument Circle

The middle sculptures look vaguely seahorse-like.

Photos via Craiyon

Monument Circle

We might be picky, but it’s a little up-close + personal for our taste. There seems to be a focus more on the monument and less on the circle. We’re also surprised that at least one of these recreations didn’t include “the world’s largest Christmas tree,” seeing as the Circle of Lights is such a photo-worthy event. Plus, we were expecting a little cameo from Doja Cat, who performed at a free concert there last year.

Three AI-generated pictures of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Can you spot David Letterman in the crowd?

Photos via Craiyon

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The most accurate of the three, this series really shows off AI’s skills in perspective. Did you know that you can’t see the entire track from any point of the circuit? That’s due to its especially large oval shape. For comparison, the Texas Motor Speedway is also an oval, but because it’s significantly smaller, you actually can see the whole circuit from the grandstands.

It’s probably only a matter of time until androids start showing us around Indy, but until then, we’ll hold down the fort.

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