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Best places to read a book around Indianapolis

If reading is your favorite pastime, try one of these spots the next time you crack open your favorite novel.

A couple curls up on the floor of the library to read a book

A trip to the library is a nice date idea for a couple of bookworms.

Photo by @vanelkco

There are many benefits to reading in your free time — such as reducing stress and strengthening your brain. So, there’s nothing quite like finding a cozy spot to dive into a good book.

INDYtoday reader Ashley C. asked us for a list of the best places to read throughout Indianapolis and here’s what we think:

Central Library | This one is a no brainer — but if you haven’t been to Central Library, it’s worth the visit. There’s no shortage of corners to curl up in with a book, plus it’s a clean and quiet environment with impressive architecture and structures throughout.

Indianapolis Artsgarden | If you work downtown, this is a perfect spot to bring your lunch and a book. The glass dome is in the heart of the city and offers natural light and a quiet atmosphere (on a typical day when there are no special events or performances scheduled).

Canal Walk | If the weather is nice, take your book outside and get some fresh air. There are plenty of benches to sit on. Bonus: You can also get your steps in by taking a stroll along the canal to find the perfect spot to stop.

Coat Check Coffee | Coffee and books are a perfect pairing. We think any local coffee shop would make a good reading spot, but we chose this one specifically because of its location in the historic Athenaeum building + the many different seating options around the space.

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