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Which Hogwarts house is Indy in?

The Sorting Hat has spoken, and the answer might surprise you, Hoosiers. We’re sharing Indy’s house, according to education, sports championships, working hours, cultural offerings + professions.

The downtown canal colored green

We’re seeing green after this surprising Sorting Hat decision.

Photo by INDYtoday team

“Yer a wizard, Indy.”

The results you didn’t know you were waiting for are in + it’s time to study up on snakes and don your best green scarf. That’s right, the Sorting Hat has officially deemed the Circle City as Slytherin material.

Whether your gut reaction was to disagree or not, a handful of factors worked into the fateful decision, including:

  • The number of bachelors degrees per 100,000 people (thirst for knowledge)
  • Pro sports championships (athleticism + bravery)
  • Average hours worked per week (ambition)
  • Museums per 100,000 people (intellectual curiosity)
  • Google searches on job advancement (professional aspirations)

Now that we’ve got that sorted, do you agree? Let us know.

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